Iran National Carpet Center

Date:12 January 2016

"Tabriz as World Crafts City" Honor Certificate Unveiled

"Tabriz as World Crafts City" Honor Certificate Unveiled

Tabriz's certificate of honor introducing it as the World Crafts City was unveiled during a special ceremony attended by provincial governor of East Azerbaijan Province, head of Asia and Oceania section of World Crafts Council, and head of INCC.

According to INCC, the head of Asia and Oceania region of World Crafts Council said that the measures for selecting Tabriz as the World Crafts City was governmental contributions along with the city's appropriate conditions for carpet weaving.

"Expert production and trade of Tabrizi carpet together with its high quality have made it so popular," Ghada Hijavi went on to say, adding that the long history and beauty of this carpet can hardly be found in similar carpets around the world.

Participants also visited Islamic Art University, appreciating students' skills and capabilities in the field of carpet.

It should be noted that World Crafts Council which was established in 1964 is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that aims at strengthening the status of handicrafts as a vital section of cultural and economic life, promoting cooperation among craftsmen around the world, encouraging, helping and guiding them, and fostering economic development through income-generating activities.

In sum, WCC is required to incorporate handicrafts and craftsmen into our daily life by providing links between the past, through inherited traditions, and the future, using modern technology in testing, innovation and accessing new markets.

Members of the council are working on special projects in the 5 continents around the globe while having inter-regional cooperation with one another at the same time.