Wednesday 04 October 2023  

Tabriz Carpet Has Global Importance

Tabriz Carpet Has Global Importance

Head of Asia and Oceania region of World Crafts Council said that the historical and cultural city of Tabriz is globally significant.

According to INCC, speaking at the ceremony held to honor Tabriz as the World Crafts City, Ghada Hijavi stated: "Apart from carpet, Tabriz is internationally popular for its silk industry as well and can be best introduced to the world through its handicrafts and tourism industry."

"Carpets play a significant role in social and cultural development and having an international market can help Tabriz carpets prosper through new marketing strategies," he went on to say.

"The city's carpets are also popular among the people in other countries due to their beautiful and lively designs."

Hijavi added that traditional method of carpet weaving is currently taught as an academic program in the country; yet unfortunately an advanced marketing strategy is still missing in our carpet industry.

"Maintaining the title is a heavy responsibility and we are certain that Tabriz can keep this honor over the history," he reiterated, calling for the government's consistent support of this art-industry.

Hijavi gave the credit certificate of Tabriz Global City of Carpet to INCC, on behalf of the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Commerce, and also to the provincial government of East Azerbaijan Province, and Cultural Heritage Organization.

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