Monday 04 December 2023  

Take Every Opportunity to Talk about Carpets

Take Every Opportunity to Talk about Carpets

Head of INCC emphasized the importance of taking all the legal and spiritual opportunities to advertise Persian handmade carpet.

According to INCC, speaking at the ceremony held to honor Tabriz as the World Crafts City, Hamid Kargar appreciated World Crafts Council as a site to register the country's cultural and artistic capabilities, adding that we should seize the opportunity in favor of Persian carpet in particular.

Expressing his deep respect for Persian handmade carpet artists and activists, he said: "Tabriz was formerly registered in the World Organization of Spiritual Ownership, and has now been deservedly acknowledged as the World Crafts City."

"Many countries are proud of cultural and artistic achievements that they do not originally possess; therefore, we shouldn't disregard our rich resources particularly the Persian handmade carpet which can play a crucial role in the country's artistic diplomacy."

Reviewing the current status of Persian handmade carpet export, Kargar expressed hopes that the implementation of JCPOA (BARJAM) can lead to an export boom in this area as the industry can be highly effective under the conditions of resistance economy.

He also appreciated the efforts of the Handicrafts Deputy of Cultural Heritage Organization, provincial government of East Azerbaijan Province, and the province's Organization of Industries, Mines and Commerce to register Tabriz as the World Crafts City.

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