Tuesday 06 June 2023  

Xining Exhibition Expected to Improve

Xining Exhibition Expected to Improve

Head of INCC asked for eliminating the existing deficiencies and improving the conditions of the carpet exhibition in Xining, China.

Hosting the expo's organizer, Hamid Kargar referred to reports of the recent rounds of the exhibition, adding: "Some of the new ideas and programs such as holding special ceremonies for different countries, including the Day of Iran, were much promising; however, there are still some deficiencies which should be removed."

Referring to some foreign participants' disrespect for the exhibition's regulations, he stressed that INCC strictly coordinates the presence of Iranian participants and maintains the required order.

Kargar further appreciated the organizer's restraint on showcasing products other than carpets, adding that separating the exposition of handmade and machine-made carpets as well as preventing Persian handmade carpet to be presented by other countries can also improve the quality of the exhibition to a great extent.

Urging the organizers to increase the number of international guests and visitors to Xining Expo, Kargar reiterated: "Our handmade carpet has outstanding artistic and cultural features and we are not solely after commercial benefits."

The expo's organizer for his part asserted that the professional exhibition would showcase no handicrafts nor other products except for carpets, announcing that next year's expo would not allow other countries to sell Persian carpet.

"We are ready to use Iran's experience and raise the level of cultural attitude in this international event," Nancy went on to say, adding: "As we are planning to establish the Carpet Museum in Xining with the cooperation of all countries, we try to follow inter-museum relations as well."

He further thanked INCC for coordinating participation of the Iranian visitors in the event and asked for the center's persistent future cooperation.

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