Monday 04 December 2023  

Persian Handmade Carpet Returns to US Markets

Persian Handmade Carpet Returns to US Markets

Persian handmade carpet is very competitive in the realm of resistance economy as we believe it is highly superior to other industries.

This is according to Hamid Kargar, head of INCC, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 24th Exhibition of Persian Handmade Carpet in Tehran.

Referring to the large scale of the expo in terms of space and the number of participants, he appreciated the efforts made by all the corresponding officials to organize the event.

"Such events can be extremely booming for Persian carpet as it is culturally, artistically and economically significant in boosting consistent development, creating employment using minimum capital, and preventing villagers from migrating to cities."

"Handmade carpet is really competitive in the period of resistance economy as there is no other art or industry that can create employment with minimum capital and bring about large amounts of added value," Kargar went on to say.

He further referred to the hard period in the recent years due to the falling export of carpets, adding that though the recession has stopped, the export trend is still slow but promising.

Kargar expressed hopes that Vienna Agreement can further improve the conditions of Persian handmade carpet export in 2016.

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