Tuesday 06 June 2023  

Nothing But Beauty at Carpet Expo

Nothing But Beauty at Carpet Expo

Visiting Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition, the minister of industries, mines and commerce appreciated INCC for organizing the event, calling all the carpets at the expo beautiful.

Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh also said that Persian handmade carpet is a blend of art, taste and industry with a long history which also reveals the history of the spinning, weaving and dyeing industries.

"Such a rich background has made some countries try to imitate Persian carpet especially following the revolution when Iran's show up in world market decreased; yet, even a glance can reveal that they are not original."

Appreciating the efforts made for the production of handmade carpet, Nematzadeh added: "We need to stimulate market demands in order to activate the production process."

"While improvements in international conditions can help carpet export to a great extent, exporters should also try to make more effective plans."

Nematzadeh also referred to the changing taste of western consumers, adding: "we need to adapt the process of our carpet production with various tastes of the new generation while preserving our authentic originality."

"We also ought to ask the government to devote a special budget to overseas carpet advertising as producers and exporters are unable to publically advertise their products," he further noted.

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