Tuesday 06 June 2023  

Shanghai Invites Persian Carpet

Shanghai Invites Persian Carpet

Managing director of Shanghai State Exhibition called for the permanent presence of Persian handmade carpet in Chinese Exhibition of Top Brands.

Speaking with Hamid Kargar, head of INCC, at the 24th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition in Tehran, Fan Weiming invited Iran to participate in Shanghai Expo to showcase its handmade carpets.

Referring to the Expo which is planned to be held in November, he said: "Persian handmade carpet activists can hold both short-term and permanent expos but we can devote a permanent pavilion to Persian carpet so that Iranian dealers can have a remarkable presence at the event."

Calling all the carpets of the exhibition beautiful, Weiming asserted that they would all be sold out in China.

Head of INCC for his part explained about Persian handmade carpet in more detail and asked about the conditions for participating in Shanghai Exhibition, adding that the final decision would be made after hearing the proposals and evaluate the facilities offered by the Chinese party.

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