Friday 22 September 2023  

Germans Believe in Persian Carpet

Germans Believe in Persian Carpet

Persian handmade carpet is an irreplaceable brand.

This is according to Frantz ten Eikelder, member of Handmade Carpet Evaluation and Pricing Board in Europe, who highlighted the strong unquestionable background of Persian carpet in European and German markets, adding: "During the recent years of recession, those interested in Persian handmade carpet were impatiently waiting for its return to the market and we are hopeful that Iran's government can pave the way for the revival of Persian carpet in the near future."

Speaking with head of INCC at the 24th Persian Handmade Exhibition in Tehran, Eikelder praised Persian handmade carpet as a popular symbol among German people who would like to purchase carpets labeled with this remarkable brand.

He also referred to the changing tastes of the Germans especially among the new generation, adding that Persian carpets are so wide in type and variety that can satisfy the demands of all German families.

"We are planning to participate in Iran's next year carpet exhibition with a number of interested tourists who will not only visit the expo but purchase a large number of the carpets as well," he went on to say.

Hamid Kargar for his part referred to the carpet exhibition as a site of congregation for producers and exporters who showcase the latest products from different cities and villages in Iran.

Expressing his pleasure over German dealers' interest in Persian handmade carpet, he added: "We are hopeful that European markets can be filled with Persian handmade carpets once more through proper planning and advertising of the products."  

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