Saturday 23 September 2023  

Advertisements for Persian Carpet Commence in Europe

A special meeting on the strategies for advertising Persian handmade carpet in Europe was held in the Iranian Consulate in Hamburg.
Attended by head of INCC, Iran's consul in Hamburg and board members of the Union for Persian Carpet Importers in Europe, the meeting featured ways of initiating the process of Persian handmade carpet advertisements.
It was organized at the order of the minster of industries, mines and commerce on the sidelines of Domotex 2016 Contest to make decisions for implementing the decree with the support of INCC and the Union for Persian Carpet Importers in Europe under the supervision of Iranian Embassy and Consulate in Hamburg, Germany.
It should be noted that some of INCC's financial resources will be devoted to developing organized and multifunctional advertisements for Persian carpet in Europe particularly in Deutsch-speaking countries next year
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