Wednesday 04 October 2023  

Carpet weaving for theater stage design

Carpet weaving for theater stage design

A special carpet for theater design in the joint project between Iran and Germany will be weaved.

According to the Public Relations Department of Iran National Carpet Center report, Mrs.Donya Moghaddam Rad as project creator will be director of Dall's play as well.

Moghaddam Rad Says; Norbert Ghafouri German-Iranian director and the founder of the school of acting in Berlin will assist the director as senior advisor in this project.  

"Dahl" is an ancient story about Persian Carpet Designs which they will travel to ancient world of carpet with the motifs of Persian Carpet in scene design and clothing and reveal the tails of designs and motifs in Persian Carpet.

In fact, "Dahl" is an attempt on historical narratives on Carpets motifs and its common roots in Iranian and the world mythology which will take several months until the end of carpet weaving.

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