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Iran's export of carpet %23 up: Official

 Iran's export of carpet %23 up: Official
Kashan, March 1, IRNA – Iran's exports of handwoven carpet to 80 countires has risen by 23 percent during the first ten-month period of this Persian year (March 21, 2017-January 20, 2018), an Iranian official in the indu...

Hamid Kargar told reporters that exports of handwoven carpets from Iran in the ten-month period has hit 336 million dollars, with a 23 percent growth compared to the same period last year.

The value of carpet exports after the nuclear deal between Iran and the world major powers in 2015 has grown significantly, he said.

Referring to the United States as the first destination of Persian carpet, he said the exports were stopped due to sanctions, but after the nuclear deal, Iran resumed its exports to the US.

'We should not rely on the US as a destination for exporting handwoven carpets,' he said, adding that the government and those involved in the exports should use all means of advertisement, including holding overseas exhibitions and exchanging trade delegations, to contribute to the growth of the figures.


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